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Struggling with Being Thin Essay

  • Submitted by: kaciebakanas
  • on November 23, 2012
  • Category: English
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Kacie Bakanas
Dr. Hall
English 1101
12 October 12 Struggling with Being Thin.

A sixteen year old girl struggles with wanting to be thin; she has most of her life. She doesn’t look like the “ideal” woman society has shown her, and it has affected her greatly. She feels that if she were thinner she would have more friends, be accepted by the “popular kids”, and boys would pay her more attention. She, like many other girls, has led to hurting themselves, depression, and improper dieting all because they don’t feel good enough.   Society’s view on being thin and beautiful is becoming a major public health concern.
The public is bombarded with images of women with beautiful, healthy skin, long lushes lashes, and full lips. They are also looked upon by society as being beautiful, sexy, and ideal women. To be one of these women you have to fall under certain categories and have the right mixture of qualifications. Is that fair? No, women should feel beautiful the way they are, not have to worry if they’re skinny enough, or if their hair is perfect.
Society and people that bully thicker girls should be disgusted with themselves. There’s a website called Tumblr, it’s a site where girls and boys can be known or unknown and they can basically express their feelings. So many girls on there talk about how they struggle with being thin and pretty. Most of them get hate from it; they’re bullied over and over until some of them lead to cutting or maybe even death. It’s a serious concern that people don’t realize. The public hears more about women having eating disorders more than men. This is because women are more concerned with their looks than men are. Most men are interested in the visual appearance of women first. The way a women looks depends on how they’re approached by a man. If a women is average size with a pretty face they’ll get a hello from a man versus if that woman was tall, skinny, and beautiful there’s more of a chance that man is going to approach...

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