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Student Works Contract Essay

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BETWEEN: STUDENT WORKS PAINTING EASTERN CANADA, a division of 863650 Ontario Inc., a company incorporated under the laws of the Province of Ontario and having its head office at 144 Main St North, Suite 9A, Markham, Ontario, in the City of Markham (hereinafter called ‘Works’)
- and -
Name of Owner/Operator:   _________________________  

(Hereinafter called the “Owner/Operator”)
TERM: __________________   until December 31, 2011

WHEREAS works is in the business of licensing and supporting independently owned and operated student painting businesses;
AND WHEREAS Works objectives in each territory are:

(a) to achieve customer acceptance, satisfaction and goodwill and to promote and protect its goodwill in relation to its trademarks and trade names;
(b) to support the development of successful and efficient businesses.
(c) to acquire returning Owner/Operators, Owner/Operators’ employees for the ensuing year.

AND WHEREAS the Owner/Operator is an independent business operator wishing to operate a painting business in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement;
AND WHEREAS the parties have negotiated and concluded the terms of this Agreement in the City of Markham, Ontario;
NOW THEREFORE In consideration of the covenants and agreements herein set forth, it is mutually agreed as follows:
1. Relationship

The Owner’/Operator enters into this Agreement as an independent contractor for all purposes.   This Agreement shall not in any way create an employer/employee relationship between Works and the Owner/Operator or anyone employed by the Owner/Operator; it is understood between the parties that the Owner/Operator shall be an independent contractor operating his/her own business.   The Parties hereto are not and shall not be construed as joint venture’s, franchisor and franchisee, partners or agents of each other.   The Owner/Operator shall...

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