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Stuff Essay

  • Submitted by: laishaochu
  • on November 17, 2013
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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Excitedly, Mariana was packing her bag for a sleepover. She was going to spend the weekend with her first friend at her new school, Cassey, and she couldn’t wait. The best part was that this was going to be her very first sleepover ever. Mariana tossed her bags in the car and told her mom she was all ready to go. So, she was off to Cassey’s house and as happy as she could ever be.
While she was in the car, she was texting all of the other girls that were going to be at the sleepover. “I swear, if you keep texting like that, your thumbs are gonna fly right off!” Mariana’s mother said jokingly. So, Mariana put the phone down until she got to Cassey’s house. Before she even got to the door, Cassey was already running out the door to say hey. Cassey helped Mariana get her bags out of the car. “Jeez kid. Are you trying to move in with me?” said Cassey, ”I’d bet everything you own is in these bags.” Mariana laughed as they carried the rest of her bags up the stairs and into Cassey’s room.
Not even a minute later, the doorbell rang again and within ten minutes the rest of the girls were there. They all headed up the stairs to Cassey’s room and got themselves and their belongings situated. Cassey asked, “Who’s up for a game of ’Truth-or-Dare’ to start the party off?” the girls all giggled and sat themselves down into a circle, ready to play the game. “Hmm, who would like to be my first victim?” Cassey asked with a wide, malicious grin on her face.
“Truth or dare Mariana?” asked Cassey. Mariana was the last to go for the first round. “It won’t be that bad.” Mariana thought, “The girls only made each other do silly, harmless things. But to be on the safe side, I guess that I’ll choose ’Truth’.” Mariana said truth and Cassey had that same malicious grin on her face again. “So you choose truth,” said Cassey, “You must honestly tell me which guys you like at our school.” “Oh no!” Mariana thought, “She’s going to know that I like her brother, Calvin, and that I...

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