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Successful Colony Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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During the 1600s, England has taken most parts of eastern America. The first successful colony was Jamestown, which was the southern part of America. Later on, the Puritans took over the North part of America, including Massachusetts, New York, and more. As for the last one, the middle colony, which were built by the Quakers. Aside from the poor structuring of Jamestown, both New England and the middle colonies were well organized. However, New England and the middle colonies differ from people to government.
One of the differences between New England and the middle colonies is that middle colony have good relationship between the Native Americans. In the middle colony, they had court provided for Native Americans to settle any differences. In contrast, the New England doesn’t respect the Natives at all. One example is hey would have disputes over land. The Puritans would buy the Natives land, but the Natives thought the land was only borrowed for a certain time; however, the Europeans have seen this as a one-time deal. Another conflict between the Puritans and the Natives was religion beliefs. The Puritans made the Natives to obey Puritan laws, including no hunting or fishing on Sunday.
Secondly, New England and the middle colonies had different kind of government. For New England, the government had a close relationship with the Puritans. Civic officials were members of the Puritan church, and people who weren’t Puritans also had to follow Puritan laws. In the middle colonies, the government gave people more rights. For example, they had religious tolerations, which mean anyone can have their own religion.
In addition, another difference between the middle colony and the Puritans is that the Puritans kept eye on family relationships. For husband and wife, if they get into a dispute, instead of divorcing, they had to go to a marriage counselor to settle things down. As for children, parents have to take good care of the kids. If not, the government could...

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