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Summary of Teded Video

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  • on November 17, 2013
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This video documentary was done by the National Geographic Channel on November 15, 2011 entitled: Freaks of Nature the Water Holding Frog.

It began by asking the question of what is the one thing that all living creatures need the most on earth. The answer to that is water. In this video we get to see the Litoria Platycephala. It is a species of frog that is found in the northern region of Australia. As you all know Australia is known for its dry climate. Well this frog does some really cool stuff to survive this harsh environment.

Australia has a short rainy season. The land get about 12 inches of rain per year. What this frog does, is it soaks up the water into its body, so 50 percent of it body weight is just water. After the frog soaks in the water it uses it hind legs to burrow itself 3 feet into the soggy mud. What it does, is it creates a burial chamber. While in the chamber, the water causes the frog to shed its whole skin. The skin is then uses as a cocoon for the frog. While in the cocoon, the frog goes into an induced coma where it waits for the next rainy season to begins.

The frog stays in there for two or more years without food or water. When the rainy season returns, the frog comes out of its induced coma. The first thing on its mind is to mate quickly, so it you can mature and soak up enough water and to bury itself before the dry season begins.

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