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Superman and Me Essay

  • Submitted by: grivera91
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Gabriela Rivera
Eng 101
May 3, 2012
                                                                  Cultural Intellectualism
                      In the essay “Superman and Me”, Sherman Alexie writes of his education that “I read with equal parts joy and desperation. I loved those books, but I also knew that love had only one purpose. I was trying to save my life”(2). In other words Alexie feels that reading was his key to a better and more successful life. Reading is the foundation of Alexie’s strength to battle against a non- intellectual life. It created a dynamic energy which leads to his quest out of the Indian reservation in which he lived in. In “Serving the Purpose”, Leona Okakok claims, “To me, educating a child means equipping him or her with the capability to succeed in the world he or she will live in” (411). Okakok’s point is that education should not be solely based on school but also being educated in life and being equipped for the diverse living styles that one has to distinguish. This can lead to the brightest future one can possibly have. Both Alexie and Okakok share similar points of view on how culture, society and values can influence one’s intellectual abilities.
            Alexie feels that the world we experience is shaped around language, words and phrases. He deeply believes that reading allows the mind to examine various domains and therefore it makes the reader want to keep on discovering what is beyond his or her own domain. Alexie observes that borders and barriers are everywhere and he tries to prove that life cannot be contained within barriers. He states that “I didn't have the vocabulary to say "paragraph," but I realized that a paragraph was a fence that held words. The words inside a paragraph worked together for a common purpose. They had some specific reason for being inside the same fence. This knowledge delighted me. I began to think of everything in terms of paragraphs” (1). This finding became the way...

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