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Sustainability of London Olympics Essay

  • Submitted by: millypoo17
  • on November 25, 2012
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One of the primary reasons London won the bid for the Summer 2012 Olympics was because of the emphasis game planners placed on creating the most sustainable games in history. In today’s society, words and phrases like “sustainable”, “eco-friendly”, and “green” are tossed around often. Some people have deemed the shift towards a more environment-conscious society a fad and dismissed it, while others don’t thoroughly understand what it means to be green. The London games served to shed light on sustainability in a very tangible, holistic way. While most Olympic games focus only on what the games will be like, London saw the games as an opportunity to make an impact and long-lasting change; the games are a blueprint for sustainability in years to come. The primary aims of the games (in terms of sustainability) were to actively educate the public about and engage the public in sustainability and rejuvenate a derelict part of London. There were three areas of focus when constructing the sustainability plan for the games: before the games, during and after; each focal point was key in the all-encompassing plan to create change with three key aspects involved in each phase of the games: urban regeneration, raising awareness about sustainability and reviving a community.  
The first stage of the sustainable games was to build the arenas. The games were set in East London, one of London’s less desirable areas. Prior to construction, the area was heavily industrialized, polluted and disconnected from the rest of London. Several initiatives were taken in order to clean the area up, including a thorough cleaning of all the soil to eliminate heavy metals and toxins. Large gardens of flowers and plush green grass were planted in place of the barren buildings that once occupied East London. All of the building materials were more eco-friendly than they had been in years prior. Designers placed an emphasis on using recycled materials. For example, the rubble from the old...

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