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Syllabus Essay

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  • on November 19, 2013
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CLA204H1F – Introduction to Classical Mythology
Tuesday 6-9pm, NF 003

Instructor: Adriana Brook Carter
Email: adriana.brook@utoronto.ca
Office: LI 124
Office Hours: Tuesdays 3:30-5:30 (and by appointment)
TAs: John Abad (john.abad@utoronto.ca)
        Miranda Robinson (mem.robinson@utoronto.ca)
        April Ross (april.ross@mail.utoronto.ca)

Course Description: The desire and the ability to tell stories set humans apart from other living creatures.   The stories that people tell reflect and attempt to explain the societies from which they originate.   In this course, we will focus on the myths of the ancient Greek world (which persisted, largely intact, in Ancient Rome).   We will explore the form, content and central themes of these myths, which will give us insight into the people who told them and how they perceived and understood the world they lived in.

Required Texts*
Barry Powell, Classical Myth, 7th Edition. Pearson, 2011.

*You may use older editions if you choose, but please make sure you are reading the correct chapters as the numbering has changed over the years.

40% Two Article Reviews (Due October 8, November 19)
25% Midterm (October 22, 90 minutes)
35% Final (TBD by the Faculty of Arts and Science, Exam Period: Dec 9-20)

*The late penalty for this course is 10% per day.   Make-ups or extensions will not be granted except in extraordinary, documented circumstances judged on a case-by-case basis at the instructor’s discretion.

Article Review: There will be two articles reviews due in the course (due October 8, November 19).   These are designed to help you become more critical of the secondary sources you read and, as a result, to be more critical of your own writing and argumentation.   For each, you will be asked to evaluate one of three articles/book chapters that I provide (posted on Blackboard) in 2-3 pages.   I will post...

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