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Synthesis Assingment Essay

  • Submitted by: Julioc97
  • on November 18, 2013
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Julio Castillo
Period 1st
AP English Composition/ Language
A. (Teen Drivers)

| 1st Article | 2nd Article | 3rd Article | 4th Article | 5th Article |
Title of Article | Crashes in teen drivers | Texting Political cartoons | Many teen drivers don’t think they are experienced behind the wheel. | Total violations while teens drive. | Pros and cons of teen driving. |
Author | State of California department | Adam Sygls | Us News World Report | State of California Department | ModernMom.inc |
SummaryOf article | States each state fatality with Texas being the leading deaths and California in second. | Brings up major issues with teens behind the wheel. Two major problems. | Many teens underestimate their driving abilities. | A graph that shows many of the violations that teen does while driving. | States many of the pros and cons of teen driving. Particular time-savings |
Rating | Con | Con | Pro | Con | Pro |
Genre | Chart | Cartoon | Article | Graph | Internet Article |
| | | | | |

  * 1st article
As you read through the chart you can notice a trend coming together. Most of the noticeable numbers are from California and Texas. Both states are very big therefore comes the high number. Overall in total, the number of accidents in the United States is 6,428. These accidents were recorded in 2008 from the Fatality analysis reporting system in California. Also this reflects the negative side of teen drivers.

  * 2nd Article
Looing at the cartoon you can tell many things. Right of the bat you see a teen driving and thinking of something. He is thinking immaturity and distraction colliding. Also right behind him is a girl amused of what he is doing making his actions positive. He is also carrying a phone and several devices to emphasize the point. In general it is trying to show the interactions between life and death.

  * 3rd Article
One factor making a difference in whether or not teens will be safe in cars is how they...

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