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Systems Engineering Essay

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Below is an essay on "Systems Engineering" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Individual starting values 3
  1. Introduction                                                                                             4
  2. Description of fuel                                                                                   5
  3. Description of location                                                                             8
  4. Description of target use                                                                         10
  5. Owners problem, their needs, expectations and technical requirements 12
  6. Environmental pressure groups problem, their needs, expectations and technical requirements                                                                             14
  7. Government’s problem, its needs, expectations and technical   requirements                                                                                           16
  8. Summary                                                                                                 18
  9. References                                                                                               20

Individual starting values

Student number:  
Fuel source:           Demolition wood
Fuel amount:         150000 t (wet)/a
Target:                   Heating
Location:               Ireland


Wood was the first source of energy opened by people and for ages was the only way to produce heat especially in timber regions. Even now wood fuel is widespread in private residences heating.

However, wood fuel never been widespread in central heating, more cheap and convenient sources were used, such as coal, gas, etc.

Nowadays, when traditional energy sources become more and more expensive and perspective of it exhaustion is more and more obvious, projects based on usage of uncommon fuels become more and more popular. Using of wood wastes helps us to solve not only energy problem, but also ecological – decrease emission of greenhouse...

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