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Talking Points In Customer Service Essay

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Talking Points Day One
What is listening and how it affects customer service. ( 1 1/2 hour discussion )
Four phases of listening
  * Hearing and receiving the message
      * Hearing is a physical action of gathering sound waves through the ear canal.  
  * Affects on Customer service
      * This usually simple process may be lost or distorted when dealing with customers because of distractions or interruptions.   Using strategies like preparing yourself to listen or asking questions can help improve these situations.  
  * Attending
      * Once your ears pick up the sound waves, your brain goes to work focusing or attending what is heard.   If exterior sounds or distractions occur, this process becomes disrupted and more difficult.  
  * Affects on Customer service
      *   This can create the loss of attention to what is important.   SO, before a meeting with a customer, turn off cell phones, computers, or anything that can cause a distraction to you.  
  * Comprehending or Assigning meaning
      * Once you’ve decided which message to listen to your brain begins the process of comprehending what you heard.   Just like a search engine it looks through stored information to find a match.   This process is called recognition or memory.
  * Responding
      * The appropriate response is crucial to the success of your customer interaction.   The words selected, your delivery, and body language all affect the way others perceive or interpreted your message.  
  * Affects on Customer service
      *   This is when you consciously select the appropriate response & delivery, when dealing with a customer.   A wrong responds, lack of comprehension, distractions or just poor hearing is how we lose customers.  
Close   to 20 minute break
True listening is an active learned process.   Listening effectively is the primary means of determining the needs of your customer.

A skilled listener will pick up on a customer’s words, body language and have...

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