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Taran Swam Nickelodeon Essay

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Taran Swan at Nickelodeon Latin America (A): Case Questions

  1. Describe the culture at Nickelodeon Latin America.

Nickelodeon, a cable network broadcasting for children age range from 2 to teens, produced gender-neutral and cultural-differential programs that helped kids to recognize themselves as unique customers and gave kids a communication tunnel to other kids from different cultures or countries.
Using the Competitive Values Framework, the culture at Nickelodeon Latin America may be described as a Market culture with its strong external focus and tendency to stability and control. The focus on the external environment means that the company is driven by customer satisfaction. According to the case, “the whole culture of Nickelodeon is about kids.”[1] The kid-focused environment was evident in and around the office: the office walls were painted in orange and purple with Nickelodeon characters everywhere; staff dressed casually and felt comfortable bringing their kids to work; toys lined many cubicles; and they passed out candy at some meetings. At Nickelodeon Latin America, kids were even made the face of the channel, unlike graphics and slogans at other Nickelodeon international channels. The value of stability and control is reflected in the company’s direction towards high productivity and increasing profits. Swan’s thoughts were never far from the bottom line. Despite all the details to which she had to attend, she remained focused on the overall business strategy and profitability. Employees were expected to react fast, work hard, and deliver quality work on time. From the very beginning, Swan made it clear that she wanted really bright, ambitious people on her team who would give their all to reach their common goals.
Taran created a culture around her by recruiting people she had faith in.   I think Clan culture is the best way to describe the culture at Nick LA.   The Means for the Clan includes Cohesion, Participation,...

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