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Taste Of Cherry Vs. Leaving Las Vegas Essay

  • Submitted by: Jenny47
  • on November 18, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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Taste of Cherry vs. Leaving Las Vegas
In this essay I will be comparing two films, the Taste of Cherry and Leaving Las Vegas.   Both of these films are about suicide but have different and multiple viewpoints ranging from cultural to personal aspects of life.   The film Taste of Cherry is about an Iranian’s test of life, death and some small miracles in between. The main character, Mr. Badii, is a middle-aged man wishing to take his own life.   Throughout the film he drives his Range Rover across the dry outskirts of Tehran searching for someone who will help him in his final hours of life and who will agree to bury his body if he succeeds in his mission; a planned overdose of sleeping pills or to rescue him if he fails. Offering a large amount of money in exchange for the favor he has asked, he first picks up a Kurdish soldier who runs away in fear after learning Badii's plan. The next passenger, an Afghani seminary student, does not run but attempts to convince him of the sacredness of life. Finally, Badii picks up a Turkish taxidermist who tries to talk Badii out of ending it all but the taxidermist eventually accepts the offer only because he needs the money to take care of his sick daughter. The end of the film leaves everyone with two of the most obvious questions: why does Mr. Badii wish to end his life? And does he successfully carry out with his plan?   The film Leaving Las Vegas is bittersweet love story and film. Ben, the main character, is a Hollywood writer whose addiction to alcohol costs him his job, family and friends. With nothing left, he goes to Las Vegas to drink himself to death. While there he meets Sera, a prostitute, and offers $500 to go to his room and Sera agrees but Ben does not want sex. Instead they talk and create an odd relationship of friendship and understanding which eventually becomes bad because Sera has to promise Ben she will never ask him to stop drinking, and Ben is not allowed to criticize Sera's job. At first the two are...

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