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Taxi Essay

  • Submitted by: marcussq
  • on November 24, 2012
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It is already quarter to ten at night after I have drop of my last fare off a restaurant just by the corner of Swanston Street just in the CBD district, I decide to wrap up for the day and go home for a good nights rest as I lived just around Sandringham Beach as I want to start driving my cab early in the morning the next day. While I am gently cruising, trying to get out of the CBD area, I got flag by another customer as I realize that I have forgot to switch of the vacant sign on the taxi, but anyway while I am stopping for him, he was holding onto a brown parcel and looking tensed from my view. I was not that suspicious as I guessed it is probably the gusty wind blowing as the temperature dropped to a mere eight degree Celsius. I let him into my cab, no matter as he is dressing very decently and he told me that he want to be taken back to his apartment just by Brighton Beach.

      As I drove off from the traffic junction, I noticed that he is fidgeting, looking desperately nervous and he started to look towards his left and right as he starts to grab his parcel more tighter and tighter, to the point till it had a forced mark on it. So being the curious me, as usual, I question him about his action and he unexpectedly told me that he suspected that his wife is having an affair with his best friend right now and he told me straightforwardly that he is going to murder his wife and after that, killing himself with the gun inside the brown parcel as he took out the a very large knife.

    The moment I seen the knife with my own eyes, I immediately took my foot off the gas of the car and started to cruise slower and I ask him whether was it necessary to murder his wife and I figured that he loved her very much, as much as I was guessing, he anxiously answered yes to me, he told me that he is feeling really confused and he did not know what he is doing, I advised him not to kill anyone because frankly, it is not worth doing that. It is better if he calm down...

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