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Teachers Conceal Carry Essay

  • Submitted by: Victoria1129
  • on November 18, 2013
  • Category: Social Issues
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Victoria VonderHaar
Instructor Beardsell
College Composition II
June 13, 2013
Kindergarten Cop: Teachers Armed with Knowledge and Ammo
Children are being massacred across the nation for no reason. There were twenty-three school shootings in 2012 and 2013, twelve in 2013 and eleven in 2012. It is only June and we have already surpassed the amount of last year’s shootings. Fifty-six children and teachers died and thirty-three were injured in a year and a half. Due to the recent increase of violence I support the pending Missouri State bill number 436, especially subsection 160.665 which gives teachers the right to carry firearms, this will make the teachers, students and families feel safer and encourage children and their families to learn about gun safety.  
Teachers will feel more confident in an emergency situation if they had a resource to defend themselves and their students. Would a teacher, a nurturing, caring individual, pull a trigger injuring or even ending someone’s life? Nearly three fourths of teachers say they would not bring a firearm to school even if it was allowed by the district (Kingkade). This number would drastically change if they were trained and comfortable with the weapon. Many teachers argue that an armed guard would be enough to combat armed intruders. Armed guards are very helpful for minor school mishaps, like school fights and drug possession, not an armed person wanting to kill innocent people. Also, during an attack an armed guard is easily picked out and targeted first, while an unknown protection officer could hide in the masses of teachers, the intruder wouldn’t know who was carrying. Oregon state representative Dennis Richardson (R) said that if he had been a teacher during the Sandy Hook shooting and he was carrying many of the children would still be alive today (Hall). The teachers are not being asked to pull their gun on every person who walks through their door, only as a last resort. For example, there is an armed...

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