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Teams Essay

  • Submitted by: ashleycade02
  • on November 25, 2012
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As a trainer of new hires at my employer I’m given the opportunity to work in small groups or teams on a daily basis. Working in groups poses its challenges for myself being that I’m a strong goal oriented learner.   This leads me to want to get to the end goal without many distractions.   During the recent small groups I have participated in I tend to take the lead on the project or task to ensure that everything gets done on time and without flaws.   As a team leader I try and ensure that Collaboration, Communication, Conformity and Cohesiveness are implemented in each meeting to create a successful team and notable results on the project or assignment that was given.
In a team environment the input of others is not only helpful, but needed and without the collaboration of everyone, individuals will invert and not share ideas.   Keep in mind that there are many different groups that can collaborate and come together, families, study groups for school, work teams or committees, to name a few.   There are also different ways to collaborate with members of a team besides the normal round table gathering.   At my employer telephone conferences and email communication is popular because of location.   Though there are many different teams and many different ways people can meet and collaborate as a small team, the important piece is ensuring that everyone is involved and has a role in the team.   This will create a more successful team that produces worthy results.   I find myself not collaborating as well as I had intended going into meetings that are required by my employer.   Collaborating with everyone in the group is key to a creating a successful team.   “Because of the variety of background and experience that individuals bring to a group, the group as a whole has more information and ideas from which to seek solutions to a problem that one person would alone” (page 13) As described in Communication in Small Groups Principles and Practices.   Each person in groups,...

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