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Technology And How To Use It Essay

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Owners Manual for Items Installed by Andrew

Sonos System

    • Sonos Music Library

    o I have it set up that every night at 2am the Sonos System checks for differences between your iTunes library and your Sonos Music Library.   If you add music and want to listen to it through Sonos, simply open the Sonos Desktop Controller.   Click on Music then click on “Update Music Index Now”.   This will scan for new music and should find any new music you added to your iTunes Library.

    • Sonos cannot find music

    o Your laptop needs to be turned on and logged in for Sonos to connect to your library.

    o Make sure wireless Internet is working and connected.

    o Sometimes individual songs will not play right away. Switch to another songs and come back.

    • Adding another zone

    o Plug in zone player to the outlet, and then press the Mute and Volume Up buttons on the new zone player.   Use the remote to install the update and name the new zone.

    • Playing music outside or in TV room

    o Sony receiver must be on (big black box)

    o The input must be set to “SA – CD/CD”

    ▪ If not on that input, use knob and turn till it shows up on display

    o The smallest black box from RadioShack is where you can select where you want the music to be played

    ▪ A: TV Room

    ▪ B: Not in use

    ▪ C: Front Porch

    ▪ D: Back Patio

    o The volume should be changed only on the Sonos remote, leave volume of Sony Receiver around 50.


    • Before scanning, your laptop must be connected to the scanner via USB cord and scanner turned on.

    • By pressing the green button on the far left, it will bring up a window with numerous options.   At the top, if the mode is “Office Mode” you can scan from the top of the scanner (best if there are a bunch of pages) or from lifting the scanner open and placing the page being scanned on the glass.   You can choose “Auto-Detect” for the scanner to do this...

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