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Technology, Art, Education Essay

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  • on October 26, 2010
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At the age of 15, much of one’s attention would be diverted to one
major dilemma: the science stream, or the arts stream? Such a choice
is crucial, for the rest of one’s life is very much dependent on this
one decision. Among the many crossroads in life, this is but the first
of them.

To the average teenager, perhaps choosing Science would be the most
obvious path. The society in general looks well upon those who chose
Science, for it is supposedly better and more prestigious, and it is
only the brighter lot who could get in. These lucky people were even
given the first helpings in terms of jobs and salaries; and while they
sit back in luxury enjoying their premium breakfast, those who chose
arts would perhaps be typing furiously away while their instant coffee
sits and cools in its Styrofoam cup. Possibly that was an
exaggeration, but it is a fact, that generally those who had taken the
Science stream have opportunities at their feet, and have the goddess
of fortune smiling upon them. On the other hand, the mediocre Arts
student may not have guaranteed success, moreover how often do they
gain the respect they deserve for their hard work? The doctors and
scientists seem to have stolen all the spotlight, so what of the
secretary or writer? Occasionally luck is on their side- they become
famous for whatever book they wrote, but how likely is that?

Being an Arts student, however, has many advantages to it as well.
There is much less pressure and stress as compared to the hectic
schedule of the Science student. One may even be able to enjoy his or
her life as a student, and take part in any extracurricular activities
imaginable, but the Science student evidently has to take great pains
in managing his or her time for revision. Hence studying Arts on one
hand may be very dynamic and fun, on the other hand gain one
first-hand experience of the society, which is ultimately very

Studying either...

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