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Teenage Pregnancy Essay

  • Submitted by: misskc
  • on November 25, 2012
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          Teen pregnancy and the media is the biggest issue that our teens face today. Our teens have a habit of thinking they know all the facts and responsibilities that comes with having a child because of what they see on telivision shows, when the fact of the matter is they really don’t. They don’t know the half of what comes with raising a child especially if they have little to no income.   Majority of theses teens end up on welfare, WIC, getting on food stamps, and dropping out of school. Having a child who is a teen parent can lead to distress, strain on the parents who end up raising the child, and sometimes anger. All of this can be avoided by parents taking simple steps to talk and educate their kids about the consequences and actions of their choices once they start to have sex. If all the parents were to just take the time out to talk to their teens about abstinence, condoms, adoption, and birth control the teen pregnancy rate would be as high. Yes it’s true that not all forms of birth control and protection are effective, this is why parents should talk to their children about it. Our parents are the one’s who can guide their children and educate them to the fullest in different points in their lives. Majority of these teens don’t know that when they have a child that the child can be born sick, they and their child’s life can be put at risk, nor do they know the father of the child will not always be around. This is the reason we should educate our teens on the why teenage pregnancy is a huge deal.

      Teen Pregnancy is one of the biggest issues that we face in society. The pregnancy rate for teenagers has increased 39% since the 1970’s, and is still on the rise today. All of what this problem has stemmed from would be from the media. The media has a way of portraying pregnancy to be something that it’s not; the media makes it look easy when in actuality it’s hard especially for teens.

      This problem needs to be...

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