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Teenager's View: Current Moment Essay

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  • on November 14, 2010
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Daniels 101
Personal Analysis Essay
Getting Somewhere

It's not untrue to say it's a small world, and getting smaller. Some might say it's a big world getting; more people, more cars, more houses with garages for those people's cars. But I'd say the former is more accurate. By my way of thinking, technology is shrinking the world. Just decades ago you could only talk to someone living on another continent via long distance phone calls, just a bit before that it was all snail mail. Now with Facebook, Twitter, and our techy iPhones, it's ridiculously easy to talk to someone faraway. With all these hyper fast forms of communication being developed all the time, the world seems small compared to what I imagine it once was. In the 40's, you we're lucky if you ever got to visit Hawaii for a vacation! Now with things like GoogleEarth, you can take a look around via satellite and then easily say “Oh, I've seen Hawaii, no need to go,” This is so sad! Sure, we can see pictures of Hawaii on the internet and talk to someone living on the big island 24/7 if we really want to. This doesn't make it okay to stay at home. Becoming a responsible global citizen means taking part in the world around you; not only your local community but the world, the planet, you're living on.   The world may be getting smaller with our iPhones and GoogleEarth, but it's still important to get out there are see this place. I think it's about time for me to start out exploring on my own.

Seeing as this my first quarter of running start, and that I'm sixteen, I don't expect myself to know exactly what I want to be doing in ten years time. I would expect any sixteen year old to answer that question! I've put some serious consideration into it the past six months though. I get the feeling that I'm not going to change too drastically within the next five or six years. Granted, anything could happen. I could get married and have twins or I could move to the southernmost point of Chile, Punta Arenas....

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