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Ten Commandments Essay

  • Submitted by: muzramp
  • on November 18, 2010
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Robert Baker
Period 1
The Ten Commandments
The Ten Commandments are important because they are guidelines to life, they are considered sins if you happen to disobey any of them. In fact most of them are actually against the law. For example the sixth commandment is “Thou shall not kill.” In the United States and some other countries that commandment is actually against the law and depending on your case and crime you can punished with life in prison while in some extreme cases you can be executed.
You may ask yourself what are the ten commandments, the Ten Commandments are actually older then the bible, they are sometimes often referred to guidelines to life, if you happen to be a very religious person, there’s a high chance you probably already know all of the commandments by memorization, the ten commandments have been translated to many different languages many times. So there is many different translations of them across the internet/world. They all have the same meaning just worded a little differently. There is three basic beliefs about the orgins of the ten commandments , the first one is is believed that they were written and/or dictated by god at the mount Sinai, Circa 1450 BCE. The second one is they were written by three Hebrew authors or groups of authors between 922 and 622 BCE based upon ancient Hebrew myths and legents. The Third one would be that their orginal source was in Pagan Doucements written Hittites or Egyptians which were plagiarized and added to by ancient Hebrew writers.
The Ten Commandments are important because they are guidelines to life, for example you shouldn’t cheat on your wife/husband. You shouldn’t steal, you shouldn’t commit murder. These are all very serious crimes, and it is believe that you are sent you to hell if you are committed of doing any of these sins as well as all the other commandments. Because by comminting any of these Ten Commandments it means you don’t want to follow god’s way and you follow some other...

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