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Texting in Society Essay

  • Submitted by: cwade040
  • on November 23, 2012
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G2G POS TTYL2nite. If you understand this, then chances are that you are under the age of 30. Got to go is “G2G”, POS is to signify that there is a “parent over shoulder”, and talk to you later is now “TTYL”. A new language has developed through the social medium of text messaging. Through the research that will be conducted over the next few months, my proposal is that text messaging is slowly diminishing the knowledge of proper sentence and grammar structure, especially in young teenagers. Writing has turned into sentence fragments because of all the information that most people try to fit in the limited space of a text message. And with teenagers constantly connected to friends through virtual chats including texting, instant messaging, or social networking websites, research shows that today’s children, ages 8–18, are less able to read social signals, express empathy, or participate in a lengthy deep conversations with adults as well as their own peers (Kaiser Family Foundation. 2010).
Additionally, schools around the globe are becoming more & more lenient with this new digital language that has risen, and the youth of today are becoming more & more disorderly with their writing capabilities. Exam chiefs in Scotland say that answers written in text message language will be acceptable in English tests as long as they are correct. The Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA) said the use of phrases like "2b r nt 2b" or "i luv u" in exam papers would be allowed as long as students showed that they understood the subject that is being taught. (theguardian. -no author-. 2006).
In my preliminary research, I discovered a book called The GR8 DB8 written by David Crystal. He poses the question “Has there ever been a linguistic phenomenon which has aroused such curiosity, suspicion, fear, confusion, antagonism, fascination, excitement, and enthusiasm all at the same time? [Over] a decade ago, hardly anyone heard of [text messaging]” (Oxford University Press. The Gr8...

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