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Texting While Driving Essay

  • Submitted by: lbanholzer
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Liza Banholzer
November 20, 2012
4th Block
Rough Draft
    Texting and driving results in many wrecks and deaths in the U.S. that do not have to happen. Technology has made things so much easier and faster for people, but I wish there was some way to stop texting and driving. So many people die from either texting or driving, or someone else texting and driving causing them to crash over something that can wait until you reach a destination. You mostly see accidents happening from texting in driving from teenagers. Teenagers are so wrapped up in texting and social networking that they just have to be texting everywhere they go and cannot just simply wait. It’s physically impossible to stay in between the lines on the road, look down on your phone, and type on a keyboard. There are many distractions while driving, but texting and using your phone is the main one.
    Texting and driving is a main cause of wrecks and deaths and people still seem to do it knowing this. About 6,000 deaths happen a year due to texting and driving. Half a million
injuries happen also. While texting, 10 percent of the time the driver is not in their lane. Using your phone while driving makes your reaction rate so much slower than average,

so people have less time to react while driving. Looking at your phone for five seconds is the same amount of time it takes to travel a whole football field. People don’t realize that people have wrecks and deaths every day across the country and they still don’t try to prevent it. They always think, “oh well that won’t happen to me,” but I’m sure everyone thinks that then regrets it. Its proven by the statistics that is happens often.
    Many consequences come with texting and driving. The main consequence is dealing with possibly hurting or killing someone for the rest of your life. Then you have to deal with families being hurt from this. Its easier all together to just not text and drive. You also have to...

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