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Thailand Essay

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Business cards

    - After your initial introduction to a Thai business person you should give them your business card. In theory, you should give your card to the most senior person first. Thais appreciate high-quality cards printed in English on one side and Thai on the other. It is important that your business card clearly states your first name and your position in the company

    - Using your right hand, deliver your business card so the Thai side faces the recipient.

    - When you are given a card by someone else you should look at it for a few seconds before placing it on the table or in a business card case. As in most Asian countries, it is polite to make some comment about the card, even if it is only to acknowledge the address. In Thailand you can expect to be addressed by your first name, preceded by Mr, Mrs, Ms or Khun. The latter is a polite form of address for both men and women.

Dress etiquette

For attending business meetings you should always dress conservatively. Men should wear dark coloured conservative business suits. Women should wear conservative business suits or dresses. Women need not wear hosiery. You will also be judged by Thais on what you wear, so make sure that your shoes are always highly polished.


* Western clothing is very common. Modest clothing is recommended. General dress is informal but always neat and clean. Clothing should be stylish and cool.

* For Businessmen: Pants and shirts (white or colored) with or without a tie. A light suit or jacket adds status. In the evening, dark business suits or formal traditional Thai shirts are worn. Senior executives wear light weight suits to work.

* For Businesswomen: Conservative dresses or skirts and blouses (not sleeveless). Simple blouses and calf-length loose pants and long wrap-around or tube skirts are common.

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