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The American Revolution Essay

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  • on November 17, 2013
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From shortly after the American Revolution, historians began to debate the perspective from which the Revolution should be viewed: from the ‘bottom up’ or the ‘top down.’ Historians continue that debate today. Many historians have taken a class dichotomy approach to their studies of the origins of the American Revolution, forming a strict divide between the elite and the common colonist. Some believe that a minority class of educated colonists sparked the American Revolution with their fervent adherence to the Enlightenment philosophies of equality, independence and freedom. Others believe that the social and economic pressures stemming from British mistreatment of the colonists pushed the majority of Americans to revolution. However, both perspectives are limited by their singular and reductive approach to a complex historical moment. No single aspect of the American Revolution was all determining, despite how momentous it was. The economic and social factors of colonial America provided a common British enemy for the angry majority. The Enlightenment ideas provided an ideal form of government for the minority. The combination of motivation and destination sparked revolution. Without either component of colonial society, the American Revolution may never have occurred. In order for historians to fully grasp the origins of the American Revolution, they must look beyond the class dichotomy approach of ‘bottom up’ or ‘top down,’ to see the confluences of purpose that brought colonists together for the singular cause of revolution against the British.
The economic and social conditions during the pre-revolution period forced colonists into a state of rebellion, a continuous act of violence against their British rulers. Some historians, including Gary Nash, interpret these circumstances as the underpinning of revolution. As the Seven Years’ War ended in 1763, after years of imperial conquests, Great Britain began to search desperately for sources of revenue. The young...

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