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The Benefits Of Listening Essay

  • Submitted by: etiffany
  • on November 1, 2010
  • Category: Miscellaneous
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An element in our daily lives is to communicate, whether it is verbally or non-verbally.
However, in my case, communication styles differ depending on who I am talking with, where I
am, and the topic of conversation. I am learning that whether I am conversing at work, home or
with friends, communication can potentially improve if people learn to be empathic listeners.  
The class activities we did a couple of weeks ago on A and B Listeners was most effective for
me in learning how to be an empathic listener.  
What I gained out of this listening exercise was, how I perceived my classmate’s story of her
family vacation over the summer. She had gone to the Bahamas on a 7-day cruise with here
family. It’s was her first time going on a cruise and she was very nervous and scared of large
ships and traveling across the sea. I could tell this by the sound of her voice and her non-verbal
actions of her clenched fists.   All thought she had a great time on her vacation with her
family, I was able to understand her better by being an empathic listener because of her fear of
cruise ships and traveling on the water.. All though I didn’t understand her fear I was able to
“listen” with a sincere heart and show empathy for her. I also came to the conclusion that you
can also have a misunderstanding when explaining a story or any other topic that you
Communicate with others.
I currently work in a call center for an alarm system company as a collections representative.
Earlier this week at work, I was able to put to use the skills I gained in my class
on being a more effective listener. I received a call from an irate customer regarding her
bill and the service she had received from the technician. The customer was hard to comprehend,
partially due to her strong foreign accent. A disgruntled annoyance concerning her
unfamiliarity with common knowledge of her alarm service altered my desire to empathize with
her and the message she was trying...

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