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The British vs American Perspective Princess Diana's Death Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Below is an essay on "The British vs American Perspective Princess Diana's Death" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Naturally, different cultures usually perceive some news differently than others; one example is the death of the young Princess of Wales, Diana. Although for the American public it was tragic, the British took the news differently, since the royals are a larger part of their culture the death of the princess was harder to take. If one was to compare and contrast a British article to an American one at the time of Diana's death there would certainly be more differences than similarities; the following are the results of this experiment.

The BBC article of August 31st, 1997 is concerned about the facts of the event that occured hours earlier, but they do not stray from the emotional pain that its caused in the hearts of the British public. The CNN article of the same day is concerned more about getting the facts across then actually stoping to realize the emotional toll it has taken on the British. The author of the CNN article includes one or two quotes that mention the accident being shocking, none that talk about the mourners all across the world and the tributes which were sent to the princess' family like the BBC article had done.

Another very important and comparable address to the british public about Diana's death was the Queen's Speech on September 5th. Queen Elizabeth did not mention the facts of the accident because by that time all of Britain already knew, what she did mention was the toll it has taken on her family, not her, and the public. She also mentioned some of the Princess' personality traits which neither BBC nor CNN mentioned. The Queen's speech was generally emotional and very formal, she was addressing the public about the death of a somewhat distant family member but unlike the BBC and CNN article she gave the impression that she had at least met Diana. The American article, on the other hand, had only one purpose and that was to inform the American public about a popular British figure. The CNN article was not at all symphatetic but...

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