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The Catcher And The Rye Essay

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  • on November 2, 2010
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The Catcher in the Rye
1. Being true to yourself means act how agreement with whom you are and what you believe in. You have to yourself not what your friends want you to be and not change yourself in order to fit in with a certain group.

2. In order to be a good person you have to have respect for others no matter who they are. Never bad mouth others and always treat others the way you want to be treated
Ch. 1
1. By saying this Holden means that his brother D.B is in a way a sell out to Hollywood and was ruined by the city.
2. As the story begins, Holden is on top of Thomsen Hill watching the last football game.
3. Pencey Prep is a school he used to attend; he dislikes this school because he was kicked out for only passing English out of all the subjects given.
4. Holden was being kicked out of Pencey Prep because he wasn’t applying himself and was failing four subjects.5. Holden was kicked out of Pencey Prep due to his lack of applying himself in the classroom.
6. Holden appears have bad health because of his weak lungs from his bad smoking habit.
Ch. 2:
1. Mr. Spencer is a former History teacher who has become very ill with the flu, Holden visits him to learn about the mistakes he has made while attending Pencey Prep.
2.   Holden was particularly annoyed when Mr. Spencer does this nodding routine..
3. The note that Holden writes to Mr. Spencer shows that even though it may not seem like it, Holden still wants to become a better student and person.
4. Holden’s reason for leaving Elkton Hills is because he thought everyone was phony, especially the headmaster.
5.   In terms of the ducks, Holden is thinking about how they follow one another to stay together and how he is a stray duck in a way.
Ch. 3:
1. When Holden says this he means that if he is so illiterate how come he read a lot, an example of his reading material is Out of Africa.
2. Ackley is an annoying roommate who likes to barge into places and do disgusting and unmannered things.

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