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The Changing Face Of Work Essay

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The Changing Face of Work

Michelle Smith

Organizational Behaviour

June 14, 2010  
Table of Contents
Cartoons 3
Movies 8
Canadian Companies with Interesting Organizational Cultures 9
Newspaper Articles 11
Business Magazines 12
Business Television Programs 14
Examples from Our Lives 15
Overall Analysis 16
How we have the skills and attitudes to thrive 17
Table of Figures 19
Works Cited 20

Cartoon A

Cartoon A describes how women are often sexually harassed and discriminated against in the workplace. It depicts how some male employees and managers use their position of power to take advantage of females, and how by treating others differently can be considered discrimination. Because of this, the male in Cartoon A is being sued for both discrimination and sexual harassment.
An analysis of Cartoon A shows that it illustrates two controversial topics: sexual harassment and discrimination. Sexual harassment affects employees’ attitudes and increases their stress in relation to their work. This was a big issue many years ago when women first entered the workplace; as they were not treated with respect and could not obtain important positions within their chosen profession. Today people are speaking out about it and are less likely to tolerate it. Also, in the past, discrimination of all types was a big problem; however, like sexual harassment, it is becoming more recognized and spoken out about.
Cartoon B

Cartoon B relates to leadership styles in the workplace and how management may think they are portraying a certain style but are really not. In Cartoon B, the manager appears to be telling his employees that he is going to be introducing a little democracy into the department, and they should bring him their suggestions. However, rather than having the employees vote on them, he is going to vote on them himself. With a true democratic leadership style, the manager would allow the employees to vote on which...

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