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The Cinderalla Essay

  • Submitted by: andelin
  • on November 15, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 345 words

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Saturday, Septmber 11 2012             A BEIJING PRESS HOLDINGS PUBLICATION                           80 CENTS
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          Siblings Abuse – A account of a pity little young girl

By Sharon Ong
Adeline Yen Mah lives           Here’s is a account of one             When asked about her feelings when she                                    
In an average- incomed         incident that she was                       has been mistreated by her siblings,  
family along with                   mistreated.                                       Adeline has this to say,
six sibling. Adeline                                                                             “I feel very sad and wanted to cry because
is the second youngest         For dessert, it was Adeline’s           they are my siblings, yet they did this to
in the family.                           favorite fruit, “Dragon’s eye.”       me.”

Adeline’s mother died           When NaiNai gave Adeline and     Another account of Adeline being  
while giving birth to her.       Her siblings each a small bowl       mistreated.    
As a result, her father,           of fruit, Adeline counted seven        
considers her as a bad           dragon’s eye in her bowl.               Adeline topped her class again. When her
symbol to the family.                                                                       Three brothers heard the good news, they...

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  • Submitted by: andelin
  • on November 15, 2010
  • Category: Psychology
  • Length: 345 words
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