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The Civil War Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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The Civil War 1850-1876

In the 1850’s when a white man died they   had to sell all o f his slaves. So they would call a big town meeting and set a date for the oxen off the slaves .first they would check their teeth and tell their age and weight. Then the interested buyer would check their back for lash marks. A sign of too many beatings would show that the slave was/is a trouble maker. Each slave goes to the highest bidder. Families are broken up in spite of begging and tears. After they were sold then chained and marched away.
A short while later a town meeting was held and a cotton mill owner stood up; he stated “The southerners are not monsters! I have visited many plantations and the slaves are well-housed and well-fed. They have their own gardens! They have doctors when sick and when they are too old to work they are cared for. They are like happy children”. It is not a matter of how well they are treated they are human beings like us. But the more people argued against slavery the more people argued for slavery. “There is slavery in the bible! Chain* had to, and so must they”!
One night the slaves started talking. Each place we go along this road we will take horses and guns. There are 10,000 blacks in this country. Once we start thousands will join.
The night arrived they went from house to house leaving dead behind them, fifty-seven in all. They soon had slaves following wanting to be free. Only at night would they run, during the day they would try to cover their sent and stay out of sight as much as possible.

Another way of wining freedom was to run away. When they were running at night they would go through swamps to through off the dogs. When they ran they would sometimes not know where they were going; some say that if you follow the North Star, it leads to freedom.   But slaves where valuable property. When slaves went missing a search was begun.
Tired, hungry, scared few would slip into a farmyard looking for food. There they...

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