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The Clown Punk - Notes Essay

  • Submitted by: bethHjane
  • on November 19, 2013
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The Clown Punk
single stanza of 24 lines.
The lines are pentameters (they have ten syllables each).
-"slathers his daft mush” - suggestive of Armitage's Yorkshire roots.
-rhyme in the phrase "town clown"- creates a comic image, before telling us not to laugh.
strongly visual poem.
-simile of "a basket of washing that got up and walked, towing a dog on a rope" a shambolic person.
-imagine a heavily tattooed body. The man's skin is made up of "every pixel”.
-Instead of acting with fear, were encouraged to think sympathetically of how he will look in old age, when the tattoos become “sad”.
Vocabulary to do with art or painting "ink”, "daubed” and “dyed” - pun with 'died' (ink has sunk into his “brain”.)
tattoos are permanent, people are not, eventually everything will be gone.
structure of the sentences mirror the way the dog walks behind the clown punk.
either frightening or comic
narrator warns, "don't laugh”.
poem creates a pathetic figure, who will be "deflated” by the years.
dismissive tone - suggested in descriptive phrases like "basket of washing” and "daft mush”
^ used to make the punk seem less threatening to the children in the car?
Give Each of the main characters in these two poems is someone who is not a part of conventional society: Both characters make a scene by getting too close to an audience.
Horse Whisperer Both poems bring us face to face with an unusual character and let us learn something about them: focus on physical detail in both poems: suggestion of a change over time, in the main characters

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