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The Complex Relationship of Prince Hal and John Falstaff Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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The Complex Relationship of Prince Hal and John Falstaff
In William Shakespeare's King Henry IV plays, the relationship between Prince Hal and John Falstaff has been looked at as one of the most complex relationships that exists. In King Henry IV part one, the banter between Hal and Falstaff is spoken in prose, suggesting a friendly and comfortable dynamic in each of their scenes. In one scene, Hal and Falstaff take on different roles as they engage in a role-play conversation between Hal and King Henry IV. Among different movie adaptations of King Henry IV, the portrayal of the scene between actors can impact the overall interpretations of viewers. In "Chimes at Midnight" and the BBC's version of "King Henry IV Part One", the scene is played with many similarities and differences. As such, different interpretations of the Hal and Falstaff relationship can be gained based on the portrayal of dialogue and focus of events within the scene.
Many similarities of the Hal and Falstaff role-play scene exist between the "Chimes at Midnight" and BBC's "King Henry IV Part One" movie adaptations. In both movies, the scene begins with a comical tone and takes place among a large crowd of people within the tavern. When Falstaff takes on the role of the king, dialogue between both characters begins as a game of wits. As clever remarks are made during the role-play conversation, cheers are heard from the crowd in both movie scenes to signify the friendly banter of wit taking place between Hal and Falstaff. As the conversation continues, the tone of dialogue changes when Hal assumes the role of his father. The change in tone becomes serious as Hal makes insulting remarks against Falstaff. Towards the end of the role-play conversation, the seriousness of dialogue reaches a point of tension when Falstaff insists to "King Henry IV" to banish everyone but him as Hal responds with "I do, I will." Following Hal's remark, both movie scenes show a five second moment where the two...

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