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The Count of Monte Cristo Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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When an individual has been betrayed, the first thing that would usually come to mind would be anger. That person would think of any way to get back at whoever betrayed them. Sometimes people do things without thinking about consequences in the future. With revenge, people react quickly without thinking about the aftereffects, but at the same time the person who betrayed them might be getting what they deserved, depending on the situation. In The Count of Monte Cristo, Alexander Dumas demonstrates how revenge can affect one’s life. The author shows how an individual can use revenge for one’s own good, but at the same time it comes with consequences.
Edmond Dantès seemed to have the perfect life. He was about to become the captain of a ship, being at an early age, he was engaged to a beautiful young woman, Mercédès, and he was well liked by almost everyone who knew him. His perfect life, however, changed up suddenly and unfortunately because jealousy among some of Dantès’s so-called
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friends. Danglars, the treasurer of Dantès’s ship, envied Dantès’s early career success; Fernand Mondego was in love with Dantès’s fiancée and so
covets his amorous success; his neighbor Caderousse was simply envious that Dantès was so much luckier in life than he was. In the beginning of the novel, Edmond seemed like a compassionate person with a great heart. Then after being betrayed by several people, he was full of vengeance and anger. His seeking of revenge took over him.
The author demonstrates that if someone has betrayed you, revenge is the way to go, but in those cases, an individual must be cautious with the actions they take. After staying in jail for fourteen years, Edmond had escaped but disappeared or ten years. Throughout the story, the reader soon discovers that during that time Edmond had been plotting his dangerous revenge against the characters. Ten years to strategize and carefully revise his plan. When Edmond escapes from jail, he manages to board...

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