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The Crossing Essay

  • Submitted by: sylvialupita
  • on October 26, 2010
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Billy, Man, Nature, and the World
Going through manhood can have a very drastic change in your life. Many young boys learn the steps of going into manhood from their fathers and grandfathers. But for Billy Parham this was not the case. Billy chose to face nature, man and the world on his on. Through the experiences he goes through he learns about the world and men and the consequences one can have from our own actions. Billy feels lost and wants to find out who he really is.
Billy becomes obsessed with the she wolf. He wants to catch her and when finally he gets her he feels the wolf’s pain and wants to help her. Billy decided to take the wolf back to Mexico where she had come from. He did not say anything to anybody and did not think about his family, he left to Mexico without anybody knowing. He never imagined that such a decision would change his life completely. His first crossing to Mexico was when he was taking the wolf back where she belonged. Throughout the passage there was many times where he put his life in danger to save the wolf’s life. He shows that he has bonded with the wolf in many ways for example “He talked to her a long time and as the boy tending the wolf could not understand what it was he said he said what was in his heart.” The wolf understood Billy and he understood her. They both felt a connection between each other. Billy tastes the blood of the wolf and says “tasted the blood which tasted not different than his own.” This symbolizes that the wolf is in someway himself. The wolf was there to help him understand that life was not fair and there would be some obstacles in his life.

On his way back home Billy encounters an Indian which tells him that “he contained within him a largeness of spirit which men could see and that men would wish to know him...” The Indian calls him an orphan and it is like he knew his parents were dead.   Billy had learned a lot about nature and life and the Indian could see it. He told him not to keep it...

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