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The Day Everything Went Wrong Essay

  • Submitted by: Oardroc
  • on November 2, 2010
  • Category: English
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The Day Everything Went Wrong
As I wake up Monday morning, I feel much rested. All of a sudden I feel like something is not right; I usually feel really tried when I first wake up for school.   Then, I hear a horn “beep beep” realizing that it was my bus.   Jumping out of bed, I look out the window and see my bus departing down the road.   Quickly turning around to look at my clock, I see that it was seven fifty-five; class started at eight o’clock. “I AM LATE!” I yelled; I cannot afford to be tardy for class again. Panicking, I quickly grabbed some pants and asked my mom to give me a ride to school. In too big of a hurry to pay attention to what I was putting on, I accidently grabbed my younger brother’s pants. They were a little too tight, and two inches above my ankle.   On my way to school I was praying that I arrive on time; meanwhile, my mom was complaining saying to be more responsible.   When I arrived at school, I sprinted out the car and up the stairs of the school.   As I ran it started pouring down rain, and I trip over my shoelaces that I did not have time to tie. As I lay on the ground, I was in an abundant amount of pain. As I struggle to pull myself up I thought “This day cannot get any worse”. Frustrated, I hear a ripping noise, so I look at my backside and realize that I had ripped my pants. A mixture of humiliation and anger flooded over me as I continued to run to class.   As I walked into class, I notice everyone is scribbling quickly and passing up papers.   We had a pop-quiz that I was too late to complete.   As I sit down I try to clear my mind praying that my day would get better. My last class before lunch was Chemistry 101; which was an hour long.   I had been uncomfortable all day, but this class seemed worse. The chair that I was sitting in was as hard as a rock; I was wet, smelly, and hungry as a hippo.   As I counted down the minutes to lunch, I heard the scratchy noise of the intercom coming on and the raspy voice of the...

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