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The Day He Was Gone Essay

  • Submitted by: shaynahump
  • on November 5, 2010
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By: Shayna Humphrey
English4, Period 2

My most memorable moment is the day my grandpa, Floyd Kenneth Humphrey, passed away. The cancer spread through his body for 7 years before he got very weak. My family changed dramatically and there was no way of stopping it. Why does the one who keeps my head up so high, have to go on such short notice?
It was December 8th, 2008. On this rainy and cold day I was getting ready for basketball practice with my cousins Sarah and Macy. Our practice began, I was sweating, and tired. I got a weird feeling in my inner gut that something wrong was wrong. Both of my cousins felt this too. It was just tearing at my stomach until I began feeling sick.   After my slow and painful practice, we got on the bus to the top of the hill. My mom sat there waiting for us to get off the bus so she could take us home. When we got to my house, after our long bumpy bus ride, my mom drove us to grandma and grandpa’s house which is located directly above my house.
I slammed my door shut and walked slowly through the rain to my grandparent’s large brown door. Laughter and songs were spilling out of our mouths making us feel so relieved after our long day at practice. I felt coldness radiate through my fingertips to my bones from wrapping my warm hand around it to bring it open. The door swung open, and shoved me to the corner of my grandma’s small porch. I saw a glimpse of my frightened and sad aunt Linda rushing out to us. She explained to us how grandpa hasn’t been doing well all day. The smiles on our faces evaporated quickly as our tears began to trickle down our wet cheeks from the rain. I gently shoved my way through the door and entered a room of silence. Looking around quickly to sight my grandpa, I couldn’t see anything but sad eyes of my family staring at me. This proved to me something was extremely wrong.
As I gained enough courage to tilt my head forward and take my first look, my emotions filled my...

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