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The Disadvantages of Smartphones and Tablets: Essay

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Below is an essay on "The Disadvantages of Smartphones and Tablets:" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

The disadvantages of Smartphones and Tablets:

    - Higher production cost - convertible tablet computers can cost significantly more than non-tablet portable PC, smartphones are more expensive than normal cellphones, but they predict that tablets and smartphones will get the lower prices in the future. These devices contain higher resolution screens, better cameras, increased storage capabilities, and a host of other features and benefits not available on ordinary cellphones. The luxury, convenience and increased efficiency that smartphones provide, combined with the higher-quality hardware, means users must pay much more.

    - Slower input speed – handwriting or typing on a virtual keyboard can be significantly slower than typing speed on a conventional keyboard. But some devices also support external keyboards (e.g.: Most tablets can accept Bluetooth keyboards, and USB keyboards through Dock Connector-to-USB adapter: Samsung Galaxy Tab, Asus Transformer, …).

    - Less user-friendly ergonomics – a tablet computer, or a folded slate PC, a smartphone does not provide room for a wrist rest, and the user's arm must move constantly while writing.

    - More knowledge of the programs is needed – because, for example, information on icons is not obtained by pointing at them like Windows on PCs.

    - Weaker video capabilities – Most tablet computers are equipped with embedded graphics processors instead of discrete graphics cards, so tablets will not give the high quality in video or video calls…

    - Higher screen risk – Tablet computers are handled more than conventional laptops, yet many are built on similar frames; in addition, since their screens also serve as input devices, they run a higher risk of screen damage from impacts and misuse.

    - Higher hinge risk – A convertible tablet's screen hinge is often more complex and delicate

    - Most smartphones sold today contain internal GPS transceivers. These devices allow users to pinpoint...

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