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The Efects of Drgs in the Human Brain Essay

  • Submitted by: babygirl429
  • on November 18, 2013
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The effects of drugs in the human brain

For many years people have argued and has had many opinions as to whether or

not drugs effect the human brain. Many studies has been done to prove the damaged

caused on a human brain after using different types of drugs including: Alcohol, Tobacco,

stimulants (Cocaine, Methamphetamine), Opiods (Heroin), Cannabinoids ( Marijuana),

and much more. Some people knowing the damage it may cause, still make the choice to

continue using. Is it because it has become an addiction to them? Is it because they are

pressured into it? Or maybe is it something they find pleasure in? Perhaps many just want

to get away from a painful past in which they still haven’t come to terms with, not

realizing that soon it will become a very dangerous journey. In this investigative

essay, we will be reviewing some of the questions we may have concerning the use of

some of the drug substances mentioned above, and why drug use has risen among young

people over the years.

The damage caused by the drug Methamphetamines (stimulus) in the human

brain are permanent. Unfortunately what people may not know is that once the neurons in

the brain are damaged, they will never rejuvenate. That plays a huge role in why damage

will be permanent. In the article “Methamphetamine Brain Damage”, found in

alcoholrehab.com, it states that long term usage of this drug will cause changes in the

brain. It can cause cell loss in specific regions of the brain which includes the limbic and

hippocampus. If the hippocampus is damaged, the person can experience various types of

symptoms such as the ones caused by the disease Alzheimer’s. The limbic system, being

only one area of the hippocampus, is responsible for the emotions and also the formation

of memories. This will cause the person to have problems with their memory retention,

caused by the damage this drug exhibits.   This drug is...

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