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The Effects Of Racism Essay

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  • on October 31, 2010
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The Effects of Racism
The effects of racism in both “The Human Stain” and “Beloved” differ a great deal, and a lot of it has to do with the setting of both novels.   Beloved is written in a time where slavery is still very much alive and exists all over the country. African American people were treated like second rate human beings who were not fit to walk the earth.   Back in the 1800’s animals were treated better than African Americans.   Blacks suffered at the hands of Anglo Americans so severely and to the point that they were beaten, raped, starved, and hung to death; along with countless other atrocities they encountered.   These torturous inflictions were horrendous and inhumane; yet as a people many of them persevered and managed to do what was right in their minds to escape their afflictions.  
In “Beloved” the African American people were not ashamed of who they were.   The slaves that belonged to the Sweet Home farm were better off than many other slaves.   They were actually treated like decent human beings, and not simply as property of the “white man”.   Although they had a better style of living, they still fought hard and struggled everyday to get by, because they no longer wanted to be property of others.   They never really experienced the beatings that other slaves endured because their master felt like they were “men”, and so he treated them as such.   Mr. Garner would tell his buddies “Yall got boys”, “Young boys, old boys, picky boys, stroppin boys.   Now at Sweet Home, my niggers is men every one of em.   Bought em thataway, raised em thataway.   Men every one” (Morrison pg 12).   So when Mr. Gardner died and the school teacher took over, they tried at their earliest convenience to escape and not experience what they hadn’t for all their time living on Sweet Home; abuse.   They all yearned for the same thing, they all wanted their freedom, and among the men was also Sethe, the only female slave at Sweet Home.
In the “Human Stain”, the novel takes place...

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