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The Glass Menagerie Essay

  • Submitted by: cinder78
  • on November 24, 2012
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A gladly   first   introduction   on this magnificent play by Mr. Thomas Williams is mention by a first person narration ,   the “I” voice the narrator talked with his on point of view, now this type of play could be written by the author offering and interpretation of his work, a possible suffering meaning may be hidden in the author biography, with a formal approach focus in the characters and also with a psychological approach where the protagonist actions and personalities may reveal their hidden motivation   [TOM, AMANDA, LAURA JIM] for this literary term definitely is a drama play.
Now this imaginary play took place in St Louis a proximally during the mid 1930and 1940 because it mentioned the Spanish civil war, previous the opulent   American life style of the 1920 .The Glass Menagerie [Collection of glass animals] is the structure around the difficulties for each characters of the Wing field family in accepting reality.
We are going to select:
TOM is a character that   try   to escape from the conflicts at home by going to the movies, reading, drinking and trying to get Laura a gentleman caller between him and his mom Amanda and has evidence of support when   he finally leave his family.
AMANDA is a character with her own world of imagination ,used her memories of her world like   a photographic camera with a suppose “gentlemen caller” that is not real in the St Louis neighborhood so Amanda memory is a escape remembering Amanda   glorious past is a evidence of support for the way in which she behave.
LAURA is the character who can’t escape from her life in which she lives and just like the Glass Menagerie the collection of glass pieces of very delicate animals represent different parts of her personalities, specially the glass unicorn her favorite figure representing the unusual life, loneliness and illness in the world in which her evidence of support is that she missing classes and going to places where she can be alone the zoo or the streets in winter....

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