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The Glass Menagerie Essay

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  • on November 24, 2012
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Ivonne Correa
Professor Trotter

In Tennessee Williams play “The glass menagerie”, a mother and her two young adult children struggles with an unconventional life, confined by her delusional expectations that she has placed upon her children.   The conflict stems from Amanda’s abandonment issues that are left unresolved when her husband walks out on her and their two children.
When he leaves, it creates a crack in her psychological make-up that continues to spread as she carries on without him. Her failed attempt to fix or repair these damages leads her to place highly unrealistic expectations on her two children. Tom, her son constantly reminded her of the man abandons her, is placed into the “provider role”. Amanda purposely puts the pressure of being the “bread winner” upon his shoulders shoving him into the empty void that his father leaves behind. Contrarily, she tries to eliminate any similarities that Tom displays and deemed negative in resemblance to his father. The combination of these two tactics creates a tremendous amount of resentment on Tom’s behalf. She places a double standard on him in him, forcing him to fill his father’s shoes, yet condemning him for exhibiting his father’s ways or characteristics. (s1)
Tom, the narrorator of the play, was a poetic young man forced to work as a laborer in a warehouse to provide for his mother and sister. The major conflict with this is that Tom is a ”thinker”, who needed time to dream and write to express himself articulately. His mother does everything in her power to not only stop him from dreaming, but eliminate his dreams at their inception. Now Laura, the daughter of Amanda Wingfield, is the “lady in waiting”, well at least in her mother’s eyes. Laura, a shy and timid young woman, is a bit of an eccentric. Amanda is adamant about making provisions for her daughter’s future. She enrolls her into Business College, and demanded she practice her typing lesson. Amanda tries to convince Laura that...

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