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The God Boy Ian Cross Essay

  • Submitted by: JessicaHowells
  • on November 11, 2010
  • Category: English
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In the god boy by Ian Cross what I think made this passage so sad, was the fact that Molly wanted to help Jimmy, but didn’t know how. That Molly was affected as well as Jimmy, but in the end let Jimmy down also and lastly that Jimmy was oblivious to what the true problem really was.

In this passage of the God Boy what I found sad was that in a strange way Molly did try to help Jimmy, but just didn’t quite know how to. While Molly and Jimmy were swimming, Molly made an attempt to try and help the situation by making a suggestion to never go back to their parents. “Lets go on and on and not go back.” “That’ll show them.”
Molly being so young herself didn’t know what to do to help Jimmy, she tried to suggest that something wasn’t right but her attempt wasn’t enough to help Jimmy.

Molly was also affected by the family’s problems, in this passage this was shown clearly. But what made this part of the novel so sad was that since Molly could not find a way to help Jimmy successfully, Jimmy was let down once again.

When Jimmy did not understand Molly’s request and said “Silly thing”, Molly did not press the issue further and try again.   Jimmy was let down by another person, just like he was let down by Father Gilligan and Sister Angela and once more he will face his family’s problems alone.

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