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The Great Depression Essay

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  • on November 18, 2013
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Research Paper: The Great Depression
LIB 316 Historical Contexts & Literature

The Depression touched every part of economic life and every area of societal life. The Depression produced significant traditional values and goals and became the molding force of the America we live in today.
October 29, 1929 was one of the most memorable days on record. It marked the largest crash in the stock market chronicles, and the beginning of the Great Depression that lasted nearly a decade. The stock market crash was the turning point in causing the Great Depression; it was not its only source (McQuarrie, 2009). There were many different factors, beginning with the end of The First World War in 1919. During The First World War, the United States created resources by fabricating and supplying other countries with armaments and foodstuff. Farmers, coal miners, textile workers, and industries were all flourishing from the war. When The First World War came to an end, the farmers, coal miners, and textile workers were the first to feel the effects. Their exports were no longer needed for the war, and they soon discovered they had an abundance of commodities they could not convince people to get. They had to cut back on production, and employees, and wages.
German First World War veteran Erich Maria Remarque (22-Jun-1898-25-Sep-1970) published the acclaimed view All Quiet on the Western Front in 1929 (Erich Maria Remarque-Peace Center Osnabrück, 2011). As the declarations of war rippled across the continent, large crowds gathered to celebrate what almost everyone was sure would be a quick and glorious victory for their country. Erich Maria Remarque depicts his own occurrences as a soldier and voices the story through the novel’s main character.

The period of the book that reflected the human cost of war was during The First World War from the 1914-1918. It exposes how war has a hidden ingredient that most people cannot understand. In the novel, he defines a group...

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