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The Great Laundry Awakening Essay

  • Submitted by: emerks
  • on November 17, 2013
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The lights of the small laundry mat shine harshly onto the streets of Woodstock. It is a chilly September evening and the air is cool and crisp.   An old man is sitting in the front of the laundry mat, silhouetted by the fluorescent lights, and seemingly unaffected by the cold. As I walk closer, he takes a long drag of his cigarette and gives a slight and almost incomprehensible nod. Nervousness flutters in my stomach as I get closer. From a distance, the laundry mat may look small and uninviting, but looks can be deceiving.
The difference between outside and inside the laundry mat is immaculate. Whereas the outside has a cold nip in the air, the inside is suffocatingly hot. The air seems to envelope me in a warm blanket, wrapping me in a cocoon of scents. The smells of a mix of laundry detergents and dryer sheets fill my nose, dizzying me with their scents. The most distinct smell is that of fresh cotton. The tile floors are scuffed with shoe marks and worn down to the point where they no longer shine. There is a constant buzz filling the room, the dryers fulfilling their continuous duty of drying clothes. It is a calming and meditative sound. Rows and rows of coin-operated washers and dryers line the aisle ways. Silver folding table are tucked into the corners next to the dryers. Shiny carts are scattered throughout, filled with colorful clothing. Chairs line the walls and provide seating while doing laundry. I sit down on one of the uncomfortable plastic chairs and soon spot a large family occupying the space. Who would think to bring their whole family into the laundry mat?
Two parents, whom I’ve estimated to be in their forties, are completing their routine of doing laundry. The mother loads colorful clothing of all shapes and sizes into the washer while the father loads them into the dryer. Their four children are assumingly “helping” by running around and riding the silver carts. Their deep belly laughter fills the room with happiness. They are playing a...

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