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The Hidden Curriculum Essay

  • Submitted by: aarnoldy01
  • on November 14, 2010
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Running head: The Hidden Curriculum

The Hidden Curriculum
Alex Arnoldy
Grand Canyon University

The Hidden Curriculum
      Teachers have not only the right but the obligation to provide an education for their students that helps them develop into successful, moral adults. Though academics should always be the focus of teachers’ jobs, especially in the secondary grades, some degree of character education, or CE, should be integrated into every child’s education. This integration might be overt, such as middle school programs designed to teach boys to respect girls. In other cases, students might absorb desirable morals more subtly. In high school, for example, English teachers usually encourage students to empathize with the characters in a novel, characters who are typically different from the students themselves. Government teachers directly engage in CE when they encourage their students to register to vote; they engage in CE indirectly when they encourage reasoned, informed thinking about contentious policy issues. Certainly teachers need to avoid blind didacticism on hot-button matters; students should not be “taught” to be pro-choice or to believe only in a biblical creation history of the Earth. But teachers should not be discouraged from nurturing their students into thoughtful, productive, moral citizens as they work with them in the classroom.
      The importance of solid character or moral education has become more apparent in the last decade when one considers the tragic public violence that sometimes breaks out among school-aged people, such as at Columbine High School or Virginia Tech University. According to Stanford University education professor William Samson, a “reinvigorated character education movement is now part of the educational landscape” ( Tully, 2009).   Samson argues that CE also helps students discover their individual philosophical bases, which in turn enhances achievement as students internalize what academic...

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