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The Hills Like White Elephants Essay

  • Submitted by: mckenzienoraa
  • on November 25, 2012
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Viewing the several different short stories we were given to elaborate on, by choosing the Hills like White Elephants analyzing this short story should be fairly interesting! First of all, the title of the story really stood out more than any of the others, it made myself want to dig deeper into the story and find its true meaning. The elephant is one of my favorite animals and has been ever sense my childhood. Growing up, you would not have seen me without Ella the Elephant by my side. The title left me in pure suspense what do hills have to do with elephants or white elephants for that matter. After selecting the story I read, read and reread the story multiple times until I could almost recite it off of the pages. In this essay the highlights of the story will be brought to life and also some of my favorite pieces, moments, and situations.
The story begins by describing in very much detail Spain and its surroundings; Luscious trees, bright green grass, a majestic blue valley, a yellow sunny sky that you cannot witness a cloud in for miles to come it is a perfect scenery for a cozy train station surrounding. It is hot, humid and the American and his girl “Jig” are at the train station waiting for a train to Madrid. “What should we drink”? This is the opening quote or the first question that is mentioned and the first sentence the American and Jig verbally say to one another. While they are waiting on the train, the American orders two beers to waste time away. Addressing his question she responds “Lets drink beer” which I found odd. Not many ladies are willing to drink beer, so for Jig to recommend that drink it makes me assume she is a wild one; One who lives for now, and isn’t as lady like as most women should be in her day and age.
While chugging her beer (another not lady like quality), Jig notices the mountains in the near distance. By mentioning the mountains it makes her feel intelligent, even if it is just for a moment before the American man sends her...

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