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The Importance of China Essay

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The Importance of China
China is the great and powerful country. It has more than thousand million people and Chinese language is used the most in the world. The language it is taught in a lot of Europe and American schools. In addition, there are many types of Chinese language like Tae-jiew, Hok-gien, Gwang-toong etc. They are used in each parts of China. Because China has so many people, so we can see the Chinese in several countries around the world. China is important in several ways.
          First of all, education of China can divided into 3 sections: Fundamental education, Higher education and Adults education. The compulsory education of China’s law assigns Chinese youth to study in school at least 9 years. Firstly, fundamental education consists of kindergarten, primary and secondary education. After the students finished in the first part of secondary school they can decide to study in the second part or in vocational college. Secondly, higher education consists 4 years for bachelor’s degree, 2-3 years for master’s degree and 3 years for doctorate. There are many branches of subject like medicine, engineering, science etc. Thirdly, adult education is the basis education for people who live in a rural area or do not have an opportunity to study in school (Bloomberg, 2009).
        Second, economic of China, China has a second big economic under USA. It’s a member of world trade organization and it has the third highest value of commerce under USA and Germany. China has a lot of the most international reserved money in the world. It is the one of popular country that foreign country like to invest, it can tug the invest money more than 80,000 million dollars in 2007, that is just one year (Chinese Academy, 2006).
Third, according to Jay (2012), China has many cultures such as Chinese autumn festival, Respect the moon day, Observe Chinese lent as a vegetarian, Chinese new year, Chinese wedding tradition, Ching-ming festival, Respect Bajang...

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