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The Iphone Essay

  • Submitted by: kabdullah2
  • on November 2, 2010
  • Category: Social Issues
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In today's world the way a company advertises is the difference between being at the head of their respective field and going under. I've chosen to analyze the way Apple promotes the iPhone, which if depending on who you ask is the end all be all of cell phones right now. It is my goal to show how the iPhone is changing the way people interact and do the most common things with they're cell phones.

In 2010 for the average person their cell phone is they're life line. For some there aren't many times during the day where a cell phone isn't within an inch of reach. This is most true with people ages 18-25. This is the demographic that seems to be targeted the most when Apple does an advertisement. This is that age group that doesn't feel comfortable unless they're texting, tweeting, or enjoying another type of social network. All this is usually done while they're listening to they're iPod. This is the only way most people this age communicate. Some find this odd, because cell phone companies advertise very expensive phones knowing full well that the phone won't be used much for actual calls. But with technology push of today's society that is an afterthought. People want the most hi-tech and hip device possible, and that device is an iPhone. With its ability to hold 1000+ songs, text, and hold endless apps it's a young adults dream. That is why the 18-25 ages demographic are so important. There are a lot of times during the day where those three things are the only things that matter.

AT&T is very swift in the way they do the advertisements. Most companies show people in using their phones in the everyday world and that is quite effective. When AT&T advertises the iPhone it doesn’t quite do that. It puts the actual product on display so that you can get the full effect of what the phone can do. The Only thing you see in there commercials is the phone and a human hand. The iPhones biggest asset is its thousands of applications (apps) that you can have at your...

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