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The Jarvis Essay

  • Submitted by: blkkman0
  • on November 25, 2012
  • Category: English
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Once upon a time there was a 16 year old boyl named Jarvis, who posed many abilities unknown to human kind. He had the ability to control anything with his mind as well as read thoughts. But like any other special kid he was unaware of his gifts. His mother Lisa however, knew all about him but had died when Jarvis was only 5 years old. Jarvis had then moved in with his ant and was destined to never know who hs was until the day came when all was suddenly revealed.
              One afternoon as Jarvis walked home from school he was frightened as two police cars and an ambulance raced passed him in. Jarvis had a bad feeling that something was wrong. As he got closer to his house he saw a gigantic cloud of smoke overpowering the house in which he and his ant lived. Jarvis was speechless and frightened to the point that he   felt he would pass out. Waiting not a second Jarvis ran as fast as he could close enough to where he could see his ant being loaded into the ambulance. Ant Ronda was in critical condition where all there was to do was wait and hope. At the waiting room was Jarvis almost catching some sleep until a strange lady named Layla sat down next to him and spoke some words. The woman said "if you want your ant to live you must leave now and never come back or I will make sure she gets what she deserves!" At the sound of those words Jarvis turned to see the woman but was gone. He could not believe what had just happened. Jarvis with all his want to save his ant did as the woman had asked and he left without speaking a word about it to anyone.
            One week had gone by since the fire Jarvis was on his own living in a house for the homeless with no help from anyone. Helpless and powerless was how Jarvis felt until he met Eric later to be known as” The Mexican Checharito” a mysterious boy who was determined to help him . Eric   was a special as well as he was but unlike him he was aware of his gifts. "I know you... you are just like me your a special I...

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